Product Development

Product Development

Exxelia Micropen’s dedicated Product Development Team is ready to meet your new application’s needs. From napkin sketch to prototype to small-scale production, our PD team is waiting for the next challenge. With over 50 years of combined Micropen processing and materials experience, our PD team is here for you today.

The PD team offers direct customer support through the product development cycle that including the following:

  • Support through concepts and prototypes
  • Program and Project Management
  • Design for Manufacturability ( including FFU and FFM)
  • Deliver Concept to Production Service following the 5 phases

Product Planning

Let Exxelia Micropen be part of the solution from the start. Our team has experience in defining and building your project’s objective, setting realistic goals and strategies as well as project roadmaps. Because our team possesses such a diverse skill set, we can deliver an accelerated R&D phase and work through standard phase and gate process development and scaling methodologies.

Product Validations

Because Exxelia Micropen supports many medical device technologies, our PD and quality teams are well versed to support any validations that are needed as part of the product development path.

Including but not limited to:

Hand holding circular object
Micropen Printing

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