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Seeing is Believing: Photo and Video Resources

Seeing the Micropenning® process applied to precision Medical, Metallized Ceramics, Instrumentation and custom product manufacturing often leads to new, breakthrough ideas and concepts from some of the world’s most respected and established organizations, as well as entrepreneurial organizations looking for an edge.

The following videos and detailed photography provides a glimpse of what Exxelia Micropen and Exxelia Ohmcraft are capable of prototyping and manufacturing, working in close collaboration with corporations, universities, research laboratories and government agencies.

If you’d like a closer look, we regularly welcome guests from around the world to our headquarters and development facility near Rochester, N.Y.

Simply contact us to schedule an initial conversation.

Electronically Printing a Solar Cell

Electronically Printing an Immersion Heater

Electronically Printing a Gas Heater

Resistor Writing

Electronically Printing a Radiopaque Marker

Electronically Printing a Double-cone Balloon

Electronically Printing an Electrocauterization Probe

Electronically Printing an Endotracheal Tube

Electronically Printing a Conical/Square Balloon

Ring Resistor
About Micropen
Fat Cylinder