Substrates and Inks

Substrate Common Tradenames* Material Applied by Exxelia Micropen Function Added Applications Demonstrated
Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) Mylar,® Melinex® Ag, W Conductivity, Radiopacity Cardiac ablation balloon, lead on cardiac ablation wire guide
Polyurethane Texin,® Desmopan,® Tecothane,® Estane,® Pellethane® Ag, TiO2 Conductivity, Opacity Capsule antenna, Tecothane,® Estane,® electrode on sheath, Pellethane® visualization
Silicone SilMedic,® BioSil,™ Silikophen,® Nusil™ Ag, W Conductivity, Radiopacity Atrial ablation balloon, flexible brain stimulation electrode
Silicone-Urethane Copolymer Elast-Eon™ Ag, W Conductivity, Radiopacity Visualization
Polyamide (Nylon) Vestamid,® Grilamid® Ag, W Conductivity, Radiopacity Sensing on balloon catheter
Polyetheramide PEBAX Ag, W Conductivity, Radiopacity Catheter stimulation and sensing, ablation catheter
Polyetherimide Ultem® Ag Conductivity Stimulation
Polyetherether Ketone Vestakeep,® PEEK-Optima® Ag, W Conductivity, Radiopacity Heater
Polysulfone Radel,® Udel,® Fortron® Ag Conductivity Sensing
Polytetrafluoroethylene (Etched) Teflon® Ag, W Conductivity, Radiopacity Visualization
Polycarbonate Makrolon,® Calibre,™ Lexan® Ag, W Radiopacity, Conductivity Sensing on surgical device
Polyvinylidene Fluoride Dyflor,® Kynar® W Radiopacity Visualization
Polyvinyl Chloride Nakan,® Chlorite™ Ag Conductivity Sensing on endotracheal tube
Polyhydroxyalkanoate Biopol,™ Mirel™ W Radiopacity Visualization
 Liquid Crystal Polymer Vectra® Ag Conductivity Heater, thermistor
Poly(P-Xylylene) Parylene™ Ag Conductivity Balloon electroporation
Styrene-Butadiene Styrolux® Ag Conductivity Opthalmic electroporation
Stainless Steel 316SS, 304SS, 420SS Various polymers, Ag Dielectrics, Conductors Heaters
Titanium Au Conductor Sensing
Silicon Various polymers, Ag Dielectrics, Conductors Sensing
Alumina Ag, Au, Pd, Pt Conductor, Capacitor, Electrocauterization, heaters, sensors
Silica Pyrex,® Glass, Quartz Ag, Various polymers  Conductors, Protective layers Heaters

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