About Exxelia

The Exxelia-Micropen Story

Exxelia was born from the merger of five long-established companies with complementary know-how (Eurofarad, Firadec, Sic Safco, Microspire et Astema) later joined by Temex, Dearborn, N’Ergy, Raf Tabtronics, DeYoung and Micropen. Exxelia is a manufacturer of complex passive components and innovative subsystems, designed to withstand severe environments. Exxelia’s products (capacitors, filters, resistors, slip rings, magnetic components, precision mechanical parts and special sensors) are mainly used in power electronics, energy generation and storage, filtering and signal processing. Exxelia operates in advanced industrial markets such as defense, space, aviation, energy, transportation, medical and telecommunications.

Electronic Printing

Exxelia is recognized for its ability to meet complex technical specifications and to design standard and custom products passing the most demanding qualification procedures: MIL, QPL, etc.

Exxelia employs around 2,000 employees worldwide spread into 14 sites in 4 countries (France, United States, Morocco, Vietnam).

Established in 1982, Exxelia Micropen has quickly become the leader in “flow-based” micro dispensing techniques applying patterns of functional materials to the inside and outside of many standard and unique substrates. Our technology allows Exxelia Micropen engineers to design application-specific products to fit the needs of our collaborative and driven partners. In 1982, Micropen was founded to commercialize the direct printing system known as Exxelia Micropen, a CAD/CAM-driven capillary dispensing tool akin to an ultra-precise micro-caulk gun. If the material is flowable and can be loaded into a syringe, the Micropen can print it onto virtually any surface. A new commercial path opened in 1982 when the company used the Micropen to make custom resistors.

In 1994, another internally manufactured component was developed. It was a bipolar ablation probe used in endoscopes to cauterize tissue. This was the beginning of advancing this technology into the medical market segment. Micropenned balloons, catheters, heaters, sensors, electrodes are just a few of the examples of products currently in the market.

Today, the Exxelia Micropen printing system is the core technology for the design and manufacturing of flowable materials onto simple and irregular, 3-D, substrates. In addition, Exxelia Ohmcraft, the sister division, produces a complete line of resistors – chip resistors, flat leaded resistors, axial leaded resistors and custom resistive product solutions. Today, when a design engineer is looking for a solution of applying function to a complex part, Exxelia Micropen is the answer. Contact Us.