Think it, Design it, Manufacture it! This is the model Exxelia Micropen has adapted as we approach a complex of problems in design that have become more difficult, complex and smarter. With the Exxelia Micropen design teams, we are able to help you bring your concepts from an idea through prototyping and into full scale production. We have the expertise to handle all aspects of your program from a turn-key solution.

Architect drawing with cad software


Custom Designs – Do you want to accelerate your time to market while minimizing your dollar investment and risk?  Let the experts at Exxelia Micropen help.

New Product Development

Product Development

The Exxelia Micropen product development teams are able to help support your entire programs from initial concept, design, prototyping, fabrication and thru manufacturing validation and production.

Manufacturing Lab


Exxelia Micropen has been manufacturing products for over 35 years. The continued growth and expansion has allowed Exxelia Micropen to have a world class manufacturing area and clean room facilities.