About Exxelia Micropen

Direct Write technology for high voltage & high value thick film resistors

Micropenning, a “direct write” technology, is a proprietary technique for manufacturing its family of resistors. This proprietary technique allows for the deposition of thick film resistor material with higher fidelity, accuracy, repeatability, and thickness control than can be achieved by other printing techniques.

The “Micropenning” process can print lines down to a few mils in width with smoother edges and greater thickness accuracy than screen printing. This provides design engineers with unmatched capability and design options – long, narrow traces without neck downs allow for longer pattern lengths in smaller packages. Exxelia Ohmcraft resistors are made using lower resistivity ink in combination with a higher aspect ratio design can significantly improve electrical performance. This allows for equivalent resistors to be produced in smaller packages with higher voltages and/or higher resistances.